Sunday, October 08, 2006

" The pros and cons of using computers in the classroom "

First of all, I think that the use of computers in a class has a lot of good points like making easy to coordinate a class for a teacher by preparing the class step by step so it could help the students if they have a problems with any activity because exists a lot of programs and activities that are very didactic for pupils in which they can correct by their own errors and lern thenselves but the computers in a classroom have a lot problems, for example the exposition to PC for a long time could create problems in the eyes of the people, other problem is that in a class all a computers are in lan conections and if some one is in internet and opens a File with a virus it could contaminate all the class, the worse thing is that if light goes off, nobody could study anymore . So, in conclusion I think that the use of computers in a class is an exellent tool but they not be essential.

Monday, September 04, 2006


The world cup was a strange cup in which the favourite teams like
Brazil and Argentina which had an excelent performance into the first matches
were out of the cup before they spect, and other teams like France and
Portugal which had a bad performance at the begining could stay until the last part of the cup, but well, if it's something good about this kind of
championship is that nobody knows who will be the champion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


John and Mary were leaving for their honeymoon in Cordoba the day after their wedding.On the first day they were driving to Carlos Paz when the car broke down.John went to a garage to service but he didn't know where he could go.Finally, John called the service and he went to a garage to service . Two hours later his car was fixed.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Dear Jemmy:

Hi! How are you? I'm fine and everyone here is okey. I'm writing this letter to tell.... about our friend Ann. She had been saving money to buy medicine for her father, but she had just lost her job. She is very desperate and depressed now and nobody can help her so I think that she needs our help. I want to see... as soon as you can to talk about this situation. I will feel very pleased and happy if I do it. Please, if you receive this letter, answer it or try to communicate with me.

See you, kisses

My name is Florencia Marmaides.
I' m 17 years old.
My favourite colour is black and blue.
I have one sister and two brothers.
I have one cat and one dog.
I like listen music with my friends.